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Treatment with Botox in Marbella, to eliminate the wrinkles of the houndstooth.

Today, in our aesthetic clinic in Marbella, we will talk about the famous "Houndstooth wrinkles" or "Periocular wrinkles". Botox will be our ally to relax the muscles of the area to be treated. We will start with the appearance of these wrinkles on the face.

How are houndstooth wrinkles formed, how to treat them?

The answer is very simple. The contraction and relaxation of the muscles in the upper third of the face cause us to form wrinkles or folds in our skin throughout our lives. In the case that concerns us today, it is the orbicularis area of the eyes, this is where the commonly called crow's foot wrinkles appear.

It is also true that the appearance of these wrinkles can be due to poor diet, tobacco or alcohol consumption, being exposed for a long time to solar radiation..

Our own body generates collagen, but over the years, this process slows down. With this, the sagging of our skin increases and wrinkles tend to be more visible.

How to fix houndstooth wrinkles with botox or botulinum toxin?

We offer Botox treatment at our Marbella Nuveclinic clinic. If what you want is to make the evidence of wrinkles on the skin disappear or reduce, we recommend the most effective Botox treatment.

There are many myths or false beliefs about the use of botox. Botulinum toxin (or botox) will not add excessive volume to the face, but by injecting this product we achieve relaxation of the muscles.

Our goal, as experienced and accredited physicians with years of experience, is to use a different botox treatment for each patient. Each skin, habits are different. Even if you suffer from myopia or some other vision problem, you may strain the muscles around the eye more.

We will achieve a more relaxed, smooth and wrinkle-free appearance. You will maintain mobility, giving a rejuvenated and fresh expression without other people noticing why.

Nuveclinic always recommends speaking with experts in the field who will advise you in a personalized way. Each patient is different and so is their treatment.

How to prevent crow's foot wrinkles on the face?

The key in preventing wrinkles and the appearance of future is good skin hydration. Even before putting on makeup, it would be ideal to hydrate the face with more reason. This prevents us from making wrinkles more apparent in the future.

In women, we will try not to load too much product in the eye area, since they can crack when they dry.

Why choose Nuveclinic aesthetic clinic for the treatment of your wrinkles in Marbella?

In our clinic you will have access to a team of medical professionals backed by extensive experience, all in modern and spacious facilities located in Puerto Banús in Marbella.

You can request an appointment by calling + 34 676 537 235 and visit our Promotions section, where you will find special offers for our patients every month.